Like a caged bird, we’re waiting
Waiting for that one change to happen which will
Bring adventure to our souls and soothe our minds.
But, meanwhile we’ll trust each other
With the darkness which is overcasting our halos;
We’ll try and pretend to mend the broken strings of thoughts and words, left askew between us;
Oh what magnificence, dare I behold,
Are you stepping away from your throne?
But you decided to paint stars on my body,
Fill my eyes with affection, and heart with lust;
Frivolity and flamboyance, your most distinguished traits.
But those days are gone now,
We’ve looked deep into each other’s shadows, found the source of light within each other too-
So can we now truly trust each other;
Share each other’s halos to overcast the dark clouds over us?
Or are you waiting,
To strike back,
A masterstroke- and back to your throne?


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