Last of my Winter Blues.

It’s so cold right here,
The orange sky outside;
Draping the sky in it’s
Autumnal hues.
I’m so cold, right now,
Fingers numb,
Eyelids drooping –
Alive for the last drop of coffee,
But it’s gone cold.
Icy breeze outside,
In a world where my mind lies;
At the sea, or the mountains, maybe.
But right here, inside this blanket of undisturbed dust
I stay right here-
Cold, and numb, and frozen, and alive.
The warmth I crave, is of your voice,
The one I heard the other day,
It’s so far away.
My mind is away now;
So far away-
At the sea, or the mountains maybe.
I’m still cold,
Heart’s all shrivelled up,
Skin saggy and icy,
White patches on my elbows,
And a permanent patch of absurd memories;
The ones of you, maybe of the summertimes?
This sadness is creeping into my bones.
Oh dear, I grow colder by the minute;
The orange is gone now,
Replaced by a blanket of blue
With twinkling stars.
If I stare hard enough,
Would I find you?
If I stay quiet enough,
Would the cosmos play the melody of your voice?
If I stay alive now,
Would you come and take this endless cold away?