I Stand With Beauty

I stand with beauty;
Strong and stubborn and unrelenting beauty.
The ones that make you hum with pleasure,
Have you sigh with the softness of its nature,
Have you wonder where it had been before.
Beauty is lost today,
Chased away in the hopes of attaining perfection.
The evasive colours of our everyday sky,
It looks the same to the high-strung mind.
Conditioned, we are, with rage and cruelty;
Love seeks remorse in this life we lead.
To feel, is a mighty great deal.
Because beauty is art, and art is more than words, or colours across our coveted canvases.
It is you, and I,
Together, as us,
And the universe, between us, enveloping us into
The swirling tunnel of unfathomable beauty;
One, that blinds you with love.
One, that fills you up with love.


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