I’m Complete.

Time is frivolous.
Once upon a summertime, happiness overwhelmed my bones,
I chased you and your petty love.
Time is deceiving.
Once upon a winter’s wishing well,
Passion filled up my soul,
In my veins flew the warmth of your touch,
My mouth craved for the lust in your tongue.
Time is infinite.
I chased your shadows,
Just as I had chased your light;
The growing numbness always exceeded the love in my chest.
But you were so evasive, someone only found in the stars;
I kissed your cuts, I made love to your sharp edges,
But your perfection eluded me.
Nostalgia is a foul friend,
Things were not better, as we think.
Passion, emotions,
Red and gold, blood and flames,
You and I were almost fine;
With him, I’m complete.


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