Elegy of the Northern wind

Manuscript of a madman

summers were bleak

in sweating hopes,

i locked myself in,

locking colors in the wardrobe.

Cloud rained sorrow,

fever doused the life,

monsoon gone, autumn came,

i clutched my spine to survive.

Mirrors crack, something i lack,

imperfect smile, perfect flaws,

nightmares pointing guns at me,

tearing me apart with dark deep claws.

Still warmed my feet, on the fire of heart,

flamed by the beer and cigarettes of kiss,

winter winter, why don’t you come earlier,

don’t you know, how do i miss?

Winter caressed my disheveled hair,

winter whispered me sleep,

my body shivered with snowflake hope,

and with many promises to keep.

Then i woke up, sober with thoughts,

sad spring touching my skin,

winter died in the fireplace,

hopes, in the dustbin.

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