Stories We Tell

The stories that we tell or read, or are written by us usually contains a huge part of ourselves even though the story may not be ours to read, tell or write. The flair with we which make even the mundane of tales interesting is where the wit of the individual lies.

Just yesterday I was having a very interesting conversation with an Indian lady who was not so fluent in speaking English. She came out of nowhere and started talking to. I was so taken aback what she was saying to me that I did not even consider the fact that we should not talk to strangers. I was sitting on a bench in the park next to one of my friend’s house when that old lady approached me. I was so curious about everything she was saying that I did not quite hear when my friend that she was her grandmum.

Apparently, her grandmum had started taking spoken English classes and that’s why she starts speaking in English to anybody and everybody she can find.

I found it so brave of her to do so, because even the most educated of us falter to speak in coherent sentences and there she was, capturing attention even with her accented, broken English. We read so many books, we hear people saying so many things but I think, the things they say or write are seldom in touch with what they truly wanted to convey. People all around the world are just so afraid of letting go of their inhibitions a d say what they want to say. This is the reason why we need people like that old lady to come in our lives once in a while and give us the motivation we need to say what we truly want to say and write we truly want to write.