‘Sometimes my mind is too strong… to carry on.’

It is not really the first time a teenager is saying that she feels lost, but I do feel lost. I’m slowly alienating my friends, I don’t understand why my mum is acting like a 11- year old and I’m initially becoming worse at what I do best. It is too much to take in and much less time. A few months back, when I did not yet created this blog, I used to write, with proper pen, and paper, whenever I felt like I needed to slow down or at least share with someone. Well, my friends are just too pretentious and way too jovial to actually understand my situations or my current crossroad, so I do what I always do, keep it to myself. That’s why I read so much and listen to music so much. It just keeps me occupied from otherwise going into a dark place. I fight with myself, for myself, and I don’t know if that is really wise. Maybe it isn’t after all, but as long as my blood is hot, I will not stop to surrender myself, from being a misfit.


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